Talks and workshops...

Marion offers a variety of TALKS covering her own experience of publishing and self publishing and the

various aspects of writing. Talk titles include:

Better late than never:  A light-hearted talk about the author's writing career.

Riveting Research:  The fascinating ways in which one can research.

Ladies, Gentlemen and Ghosts: The author's experience of writing different types of biography.

Tempting Titles:  The interesting variety of sources which can be used for titles.

A Traveller's Tales: Some interesting travelling experiences which were translated into articles.

Don't Be A Shrinking Violet! The author's trials and tribulations of marketing a book.


The range of WORKSHOPS she offers include:

A Way with Words: Discovering and experimenting with different types of writing.

Riveting Research: Learning to research in a variety of ways.

Ladies, Gentlemen and Ghosts: Writing autobiography and biography. What is ghost writing?

Novel Ideas:  Finding ideas from a variety of sources to stimulate writing.

Tempting Titles:  A good title is extremely important. Discover a variety of sources for titles.

From Life to Literature: Using experiences from life in a variety of ways.

Poetry or Prose:  Experimenting with words and discovering the nature of poetry.

Don't be a Shrinking Violet: Ways in which to publicise work.


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